NOTE: Flowers and Flower Pot used in photographs are not included in the listing.


This listing is for a well made, nicely decorated, Chinese ceramic figure of a Royal Chinese Court Official standing upright with his robes moving as if he was in the middle of a step. This bearded Courtier is carrying a Royal Scroll in a manner conveying the importance of the object being carried. There's usually no real comparison to Chinese ceramics and Japanese pottery/ceramics but don't disregard this great ceramic item! Just look at the jovial expression on this member of the Royal Court. Given the constant intrigue and day to day danger of life in the Emperor's Palace, it's hard to picture this Courtier being so happy go lucky. Due to wartime buildup, the Japanese output for export in this same period was characterized by shoddy design and workmanship. The Chinese, on the other hand, continued to adhere to their tradition of excellent detail and treated their porcelain/ceramic production with respect. When I was ready to stop selling at Antique Shows, I packed away my inventory on hand at that point, early 2002. This Chinese statuette was earmarked by me to keep out of my inventory. Since then, I've come to realize that I've accumulated WAY TOO MUCH! This is now an eBay listing with you benefiting from my decision. I've retired, moved to a rural county and living in a 1930's farmhouse with limited room to display my collections and lifetime accumulation. All the characteristics of the mid to late 19th Century Chinese figurines are present here. Enjoy the prospects of possible ownership!

MEASUREMENTS: This figure is approximately 12" tall. Measured across the Courtier at the widest point, this is approx 6". The scroll he's carrying is 4" long.

I hope my photographs convey to you the unique look of the authenticity you're looking for. Like anything antique that a collector has learned about, studied and acquired a desire to hunt for, this large figurine is a find. WHAT A FORTUNATE DAY FOR YOU! So many thoughtful and meaningful items have come to me from my Globetrotting Aunt and Uncle, Aunt Billie and Uncle Harry. While it was mostly antique textiles that captured Aunt Billie's "Collector's Spot," she loved Sterling flatware and cut glass in the pinwheel pattern. But they adored almost any decorative antique piece if it was finely made. . . and interesting. They were most concerned in knowing the history of any antique/vintage object, especially if it was a category new to them. Enter this Chinese figurine! The colors, the details, the lines, how the whole is due to the artistry of all the parts. The pale blue robe, the vibrant darker trim, the gold gilding that sets him apart as a member of the Court. I've tried to give you a look at every aspect of the statuette. You have the maximum of 12 pictures but I can send more with ebay's messages.

CONDITION: This larger than usual figurine is outstanding, in very good condition considering age. No chips, cracks, breaks or scratches that I can see. Please expand and review the photographs to see the details. YOU WILL APPRECIATE AND LOVE THIS STATUETTE ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE THE APPROPRIATE DECOR! I pack carefully using clean, new materials. My house is 100% smoke free. I charge my customers only the actual cost of postage to ship their purchases. AN AUTHENTIC, ANTIQUE CHINESE CERAMIC STATUETTE/FIGURINE FROM THE 1900 TO 1940 PERIOD!


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